Carved wooden reredos showing scene from the Last Supper

Spirituality and Worship

Michaelhouse is a vibrant place that seeks to celebrate life in all its fullness. For centuries people have worshiped here, seeking meaning for their lives and wrestling with the universal questions that vex us all.

Today this search for continues at Michaelhouse. In our café as people meet to renew friendships, to exchange news, to read the newspaper and to think and to ponder. Charities meet in our rooms to plan life-changing work. Children and their parents worship and play in the chancel. Such interactions act as a constant reminder that relationships lie at the heart of the Christian faith, relationships that are refined and transformed through our engagement with one another and the world around us.

The importance of connecting faith and life is explored in the range of services that the Chaplaincy seeks to offer and through the talks, concerts and exhibitions that regularly take place in the Chancel, as well as in the peace and quiet of the Hervey de Stanton Chapel.

There are different kinds of services to help you discover new things about prayer, about God and about yourself.

Regular Services in the Michaelhouse Chancel

Tuesdays at 9.15am, Morning Prayer

Bible readings, psalms, prayers. All welcome.

Tuesdays at 10.30am, The Ark

A service of Holy Communion with a difference. It is aimed especially at the under-5’s and has lots of activity and action. It believes that the communion service is not just for adults but for children too. (School term time only.)

Thursdays at 1.00pm, Communion and Community

Bringing together prayer and Bible study. We sit around a table and include a time for Bible study and discussion as part of a service of Holy Communion. We often stay for a café lunch together afterwards.

Currently the Chapel and services are being co-ordinated by the Great St Mary’s team. If you have any enquiries please contact the Rev’d Dr John Binns on 01223 741717  or e-mail



Michaelhouse Chapels

Michaelhouse Chancel

Michaelhouse Chancel ready for a classical piano concert

Regular services are held here, as well as music concerts and other community events. We also have exhibitions here which explore different aspects of faith and spirituality. The space is available for hire.

The Hervey De Stanton Chapel

Michaelhouse (63 of 85)

The adjoining Hervey De Stanton Chapel is a place for quiet contemplation. All are welcome.